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Home Designer > Freelance – South Louisiana | 05/2006–Present

- Residential design work conducted during absences from professional internship employment. No “moonlighting” unless approved by employer.

- Responsible for designing, managing and organizing multiple projects simultaneously, making decisions from conception to completion.

- Work includes three publications in local magazine, a TV commercial feature, six homes, six pools, four renovations, several un-built projects, personal web archive mdnauck.com, and some graphic design projects, all combined for a total of $5 million of construction, accrued through referrals only.

- Averaged extension of paid designer responsibilities 75% greater than original contract negotiation by consistently exceeding client expectations.

- Identified and implemented creative working procedures that accelerated the design-approval process 25% over previous performance.

- Established a team mentality with a variety of clients, conceiving and integrating concepts to be expressed in highly targeted written and visual narratives.

- Enabled clients to grasp and discuss ‘big ideas’ by sensitively articulating deep themes regarding culture, people, their behavior, and the way they live.


Intern Architect and CAD Tech Support > The Architectural Studio – Baton Rouge, LA | 06/2009–01/2010

- Made ROI opportunity possible by researching requirements for and producing brochure illustrations and written that lead New Orleans Historical Society and other similar agencies to approve substantial tax refund for client upon completion of $15 million HUD/Historical renovation project.

- Developed client-winning proposals by translating Lead Architect’s written project objectives into 2D/3D visuals.

- Oversaw and produced construction documentation, including drafting, writing, editing and proofing multiple projects simultaneously.

- Safeguarded employer through major hardware failure by recovering and rebuilding servers, workstations, and re-establishing peripheral hardware.

- Provided in-house computer software support to maintain daily operations and streamline outdated workflows, increasing revenue.

- Clients include Housing and Urban Development Developers, Louisiana DOTD, Louisiana State Capitol, and the Louisiana DHH.


Intern Architect and Graphic Lead > Ford|Dickinson – Baton Rouge, LA | 10/2007–11/2008

- November 2007, promoted to Graphic Lead; responsible for delivering compelling imagery in harmony with Design Architect’s proposals.

- Wrote, illustrated, and compiled residential design options for successful pre-design proposal, increasing scope of work and commission 300%.

- Teamed with IT Professional to conceive, produce, and maintain interactive web application to formally introduce new architectural products’ to corporate client’s affiliates and shareholders, and to network client representatives, consultants, engineers, and fabricators with the design team.

- Catalyzed team-design initiatives, creating 2D/3D mock-ups, writing copy, and composing layouts to communicate architectural scheme and articulation.

- Introduced and implemented software workflows to bridge Mac and PC platforms, assisting employer with market-extension merger.

- Adapted computer technology to serve in-house professional and artistic needs, reducing overhead costs of contracted artists.

- Oversaw, delegated, and coordinated visuals with contract artists, production teams, consultants, and printers to insure quality of work and integrity of project deliverables, including presentation ‘boards’, brochures, web content, construction documents, preliminary and pre-design submittals, and eye candy.

- Clients include Lamar Outdoor Advertising Corporate Projects, Woman’s Hospital, Mockler Beverage Distributors, Louisiana State University Maintenance, LSU Tiger Athletics, Raising Cane’s Chicken Fingers, Greystone Country Club, and internal public-relations and marketing.


Professional Internship > Mougeot Architecture – Baton Rouge, LA | 06/2007–09/2007

- Originated aesthetic concept celebrating a client’s market identity, increasing employer’s fee over base commission.

- Under Lead Architect direction, reviewed progress of contractor’s work for accuracy of execution and the total percentage of completion.

- Participated in client meetings reviewing and evaluating designs, exploring alternatives and identifying criteria for further investigation.

- Brainstormed ideas with Lead Architect and other designers, developing ideas into visual and written options for client review.

- Produced CAD drawings and written assembly descriptions for construction documents.

- Clients include New Roads Governor’s Office, Volk’s Steel Construction, Commercial Shopping Developers, and Rural School System Facility Maintenance.




Bachelor of Architecture > Louisiana State University – College of Art & Design | 05/2007

- Received Faculty Design Award for outstanding achievement in comprehensive design studio above all other 1st year architecture students.

- Achieved 8 semesters academic “Dean’s List” status by earning ‘A-B’ grade point average.

- Attended, by faculty nomination, Virginia Tech’s International Consortium for Architecture and Urban Design in Washington, DC from 08/2005–05/2006.


Student Internship > Cooper Carry Inc – Washington, DC | 08/2005–05/2006

- Production assistant responsible for CAD drafting and writing construction assembly descriptions; promoted to professional intern position in December 2005; awarded responsibility of producing physical models and 2D/3D renderings to be used in proposals for large scale, multi-functional developments.


Summer Internship > Chenevert Architects – Baton Rouge, LA | 05/2005–08/2005

- Hired as an administrative assistant; expanded responsibilities to include construction document drafting and 2D illustrative work to support the design-approval process for a variety of projects.




Chalasani Residence > Freelance Home Designer – Baton Rouge, LA | 02/10–Present

- Cultivated client relationship at showing of Nauck residence, winning the commission of a 5,300 square foot living, 11,300 under roof, $1.6 million dollar home.

- Developed program requirements, room adjacencies, spatial layout, and overall schematic design in cooperation with clients.

- Assembled an inspirational package of architectural projects used to cultivate a palette from which to design the building.

- Appropriated client approved schematic design to fulfill traditional Hindu design principles at request of home owners.

- Maintained the integrity of the design during an extensive client alterations and value engineering process.

- Produced permit documents and met with general contractor, and subcontractors, to review the scope of work.


Perde Residence Preliminary Design > Freelance Home Designer – Baton Rouge, LA | 01/09–08/10

- Attracted client of 3,500 square foot living, 4,600 under roof, $610,000 home through reference from owners’ of the Mindrut residence.

- Worked with neighborhood review board delegates to produce a distinctive design.

- Maintained the design aesthetic and functional integrity of the home during a series of schematic, organizational changes.

- Produced and managed the preliminary design documents with an overseeing architecture firm.

- Met with local architecture firm to translate the design for construction documents.

- Verified design during construction and provided solutions for on-job alterations concerning interior aesthetics, including suspended mezzanine.


Chatelain Renovation > Freelance Home Designer – Baton Rouge, LA | 11/08–02/09

- Earned project through reference of individual who attended an open house showing of the Nauck residence.

- Provided cost/feasibility options for kitchen and living renovation of approximately 1,200 living square feet, $30,000 budget.

- Rendered 2-D drawings to articulate interior design.

- Utilized 3-D pre-visualization models to present additive-alternative schemes used by the owner to manage the construction.

- Produced permit documents for the renovation.


Nauck Residence > Freelance Home Designer – Baton Rouge, LA | 08/08–11/10

- Administered meetings with owners throughout design and construction of 5,200 living square feet, 7,150 under roof, $1.5 million dollar home.

- Used storyboarding techniques to communicate the complex spatial layout of the design due to site elevation changes.

- Provided preliminary design drawings and managed the preliminary approval process with neighborhood review board.

- Maintained the integrity of the design while implementing design changes from the foundation engineer.

- Worked with building inspectors to communicate the design during the permit approval process.

- Translated design drawings to subcontractors and materials suppliers, implementing value engineering changes if possible.

- Conducted weekly construction evaluations, incorporating design alternatives and explaining complex aspects of design to subcontractors.

- Worked with the home owners to design custom details during construction, such as a planter box handrail, custom framed staircases, cabinetry designs, home entertainment systems, tile patterns, and a full re-design of the 2nd floor’s floor plan.

- Met with potential clients during an open house showing of the Nauck residence.

- Coordinated contractor’s entry into local magazine, House and Home, earning a best kitchen and whole house publication.

- Assisted photographers from local News Paper and Magazine in developing content for publication.


Mindrut Residence > Freelance Home Designer – Baton Rouge, LA | 07/07–03/09

- Attracted client of 3,100 square foot living, 5,300 under roof, $550,000 home in the University Club through an open house showing of the O’Neal Residence.

- Worked with clients’ modern tastes to develop schematic design that would fulfill the traditional vernacular required by the neighborhood review board and conducted formal meetings with the neighborhood review board to develop alternative solutions that would maintain the clients’ goals.

- Met with structural engineer to design wind shear assemblies, cantilevered balcony, interior column loading, and cantilevered fireplace hearth.

- Produced construction documents for permitting, including interior design package and courtyard ‘hardscape’ design.


Menter Residence > Freelance Home Designer – Prairieville, LA | 06/07–07/08

- Attracted client of 3,100 square foot living, 5,700 under roof, $570,000 home through an open house showing of the O’Neal Residence.

- Met with the client and contractor during initial meetings to develop cost/feasibility scenarios for the project.

- Presented the client with five alternative floor plans varying in ±150 square foot intervals.

- Conducted client meetings to review design progress and implemented resultant changes.

- Produced construction documents for permitting.

- Incorporated an upstairs bonus room into the design during construction at the request of the owner.


O’Neal Residence > Freelance Home Designer – Baton Rouge, LA | 03/06–05/07

- Met with the client and contractor during initial meetings to develop cost/feasibility scenarios for 3,000 living square foot, 4,400 under roof, $480,000 house.

- Conducted client meetings to review design progress and implemented resultant changes.

- Produced construction documents for permitting.

- Worked with contractor and subcontractors during construction to resolve requests for information.

- Met with potential clients at an open house showing of the O’Neal residence.


Other Projects > Freelance Home Designer – South Louisiana | 03/06–Present

- Six new construction residential projects’ and two renovations’ early schematics and cost/feasibility analysis meetings.

- Designed and documented seven swimming pools and outdoor kitchens for construction.

- Provided architectural consultations for residential contracting company concerning the alteration of floor plans, meeting with subcontractors, providing company graphics and designs for possible developments, and impromptu on-site meetings with existing clients and/or potential clients.


Louisiana State Capital Renovation > The Architectural Studio – Baton Rouge, LA | 06/09–01/10

- Verified and surveyed State Capital building to produce as-built drawings utilized in HVAC and aesthetic renovation.

- Coordinated and implemented consultant mechanical engineering drawings into design of renovation.

- Worked as team member to produce phases of permit drawings, including reissues due to asbestos abatement.

- Verified contractor’s percentage of completion during all phases of construction progress except final completion.


LA DOTD Campus Expansion and Renovation > The Architectural Studio – Baton Rouge, LA | 11/09–01/10

- Worked as team member to verify percentage of completion and proper execution of contractors and subcontractors work.

- Created and organized presentation and construction schedule booklet to be dispersed to all Louisiana DOTD employees.


Housing and Urban Development Projects > The Architectural Studio – Gulf South, US | 06/09–01/10

- Worked as team member to produce and assemble permit drawings for HUD complexes for developer clients.

- Created design pre-visualization graphics for client pitch meetings when required by local building ordinances.

- Assessed and designed renovation project under Lead Architect for a HUD development in an historic building of New Orleans’ industrial district.


Computer Support > The Architectural Studio – Baton Rouge, LA | 06/09–01/10

- Responsible for maintaining the software licensing and computer equipment used at ten person architectural firm.

- Utilized extensive knowledge of computers to assist firm’s employees in daily operations.

- Successfully rehabilitated the company’s operations during a catastrophic power surge including assessment of computer hardware and building facilities, rebuilding server and database, introducing new computers and software to staff, creating a fail safe backup plan, and managing IT subcontractors.


Woman’s Hospital Interiors > Ford|Dickinson – Baton Rouge, LA | 11/07–11/08

- Worked as team member with joint venture partner HKS, Dallas/Ft.Worth, to design interiors for new 800,000 square foot, five-story Woman’s Hospital.

- Assisted team members in development of dining and cafeteria, lobbies, elevators, concourse, patient room prototypes, patient wings, and doctor’s lounge.

- Responsible for design and integration of retail, patient wing waiting rooms, family waiting rooms, main conference center, and newborn observation rooms.

- Served in place of Lead Design Architect, translating design development package into construction documents and value-engineered redesign.

- Translated interior design package to consultant engineers, HKS team members and client representatives.

- Provided alternative design solutions when needed for consultant engineering integration, and value-engineering package, concerning the ceilings of all general access spaces like lobbies, patient rooms, staff lounges, and other front-of-house areas.


5321 Corporate Blvd, Lamar Corporate Headquarters > Ford|Dickinson – Baton Rouge, LA | 10/07–12/07

- Worked as team member in competition for renovation of 120,000 square foot, to house Louisiana’s only Fortune 500 company, Lamar Advertising.

- Prepared design proposals for and provided valuable commentary at weekly team meetings, including schematic concepts used to explain design to clients.

- Developed graphic layout scheme for competition boards in cooperation with Lead Design Architect and principle, Jack Ford.

- Served as liaison with out-of-office rendering affiliates and performed emergency graphical alterations of those renderings when necessary.

- Created key final presentation material presenting composite architectural renderings of the firm’s finished design.


Lamar Outdoor Advertising Prototypes > Ford|Dickinson – Continental United States | 10/07–04/08

- Worked in cooperation with Lead Design Architect and principle, Jack Ford, to develop the materials language and schematic concepts to be used during initial pitch work; and subsequently sought through the design process for five selected design prototypes in a formal request for fabrication proposal, or RFP.

- Produced all project presentation/reference material to be delivered to client representatives and RFP recipients, including initial prototype proposals, design development drawings, and composite architectural renderings.

- Performed as assistant project manager through RFP submittal; all five designs went through materials performance studies and cost analysis breakdowns.

- Developed and maintained a website where client representatives and RFP recipients could download project data.


Favre Residence > Ford|Dickinson – Orange Beach, MS | 05/08–11/08

- Created a pre-design package of nautical architecture, and modern architecture, used to win 10,000 square foot, upscale residential commission.

- Integrated initial client wish list with governing building codes and regulations to develop schematic design variations and programming studies for owner approval, to be used in the early design stages of the project.

- Oversaw, delegated, and managed multiple student interns work to be used throughout the duration of the project.

- Reviewed and proofed work from student interns to be presented to the client.

- Worked with Lead Architect Bayne Dickinson to unify client requested scheme and develop 3-D renderings for final approval.


Courville Residence > Ford|Dickinson – Bay St.Louis, MS | 04/08–10/08

- Conceived and implemented initial design for 7,000 square foot, three-story home per code requirements and client wishes.

- Responsible for incorporation of Lead Architect Bayne Dickinson’s design alterations used in presentations for client approval.

- Collaborated with structural engineers to integrate structural system and aesthetic steel veranda in coastal wind zone.

- Produced construction documents issued for permit.


Mockler Residence Renovation > Ford|Dickinson – Baton Rouge, LA | 02/08–10/08

- Designed alternative options for an extensive, well-phased renovation of 9,500 square foot, two-story residence under direction of firm Principles.

- Utilized knowledge of building construction to conceive feasible renovation options.

- Responsible for creating schematic design proposals, design development drawings, and final presentation graphics.


Baehr 1 & Baehr 2 Residences > Ford|Dickinson – Bay St.Louis, MS | 10/07–12/07

- Worked as a team member in the production of construction documents for two 8,000 square foot, two-story residences under direction of Lead Architect.


Other Projects > Ford|Dickinson – Baton Rouge, LA | 10/07–11/08

- Louisiana State University’s Tiger Gift Center, LSU’s Himes Hall Renovations, McDermott Residence, Mockler Beverage Refrigerated Shipping Center, Raising Cane’s Expansion Prototypes.


Volks Steel Construction Headquarters > Mougeot Architecture – Gonzales, LA | 09/07–10/07

- Advocated use of company’s steel fabrication technologies into design palette of 60,000 square foot, three-story office.

- Developed and produced design options for client approval, and participated in client pitch and presentation meetings.

- Uncovered and organized research data for the project including code, surveyor, cost/feasibility, and programming data.


New Roads City Hall Proposal > Mougeot Architecture – New Roads, LA | 07/07–10/07

- Worked as a team member in the design of 28,000 square foot, three-story municipal building proposal.

- Met with city Mayor Tommy Nelson and staff to establish functional requirements of the building.

- Created design presentation material for Mayor Nelson to present to the city counsel.


Speculative Shopping Center Development > Mougeot Architecture – Green Well Springs, LA | 05/07–07/07

- Provided code research and feasibility studies for 13,000 square foot, two-story retail building.

- Worked under Lead Architect to produce exterior design palette options and building-to-parking ratio analysis.

- Coordinated and implemented prefabricated, pre-engineered metal building system into final permit documents.


South-East LA Rural Schools’ Facility Maintenance > Mougeot Architecture – South Louisiana | 05/07–10/07

- Validated construction progress of facility maintenance contractors’ work for rural school system department heads.

- Responsible for issuing maintenance request drawings in a timely manner.

- Typical work involved construction permitting for incorporation of ADA required access ramps, management of new prefabricated metal buildings to be incorporated into the school’s campus, and evaluating construction progress of permanent buildings designed by principle David Mougeot and senior staff.


Other Projects > Mougeot Architecture – South Louisiana | 05/07–10/07

- Louisiana Housing Authority fire assessment and reconstitution, Chemin-A-Haut state park pool house, and a residence.