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Frady Park

To kickoff the spring semester of fourth year design school, an Arbor Day competition was held where students were asked to design something to enhance Frady Park, a small green space in a nearby neighborhood. Students could design whatever they wanted so long as it cost less than a thousand hundred dollars to make and that it drew on the traditions of Arbor Day for its inspiration.


My design added a backdrop element for the park’s small performance area. The park itself had no containing elements which kept the park from feeling like a place onto itself. With the introduction of a background element, which would receive shadows from adjacent trees, children could perform for their parents who sat on either stone stools around the platform or up on the platform steps, resting their backs against the newly added wall.

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The existing green space had little character to speak of other than a micro amphitheater.

I thought about adding a vertical element that engaged the platform, but that would be hard to build.

I thought about extending the seating around the platform, but that would block the free flow of the space.

I thought about adding a backdrop to the stage that would make the amphitheater more prominent in the landscape.

The backdrop idea needed more character that would help emphasize the natural park, and the trees that surround it.

The final design used solar altitude and azimuth angles to shape the backdrop so that it would receive evening shadows from the nearest tree.