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Who is MDNauck?


Hi, I'm Mark D Nauck, but most people know me as Donnie. I'm a highly motivated problem solver with a perceptive appreciation for great ideas and quality design. Specifically, I'm an apprenticing architect, but I'm capable of designing all sorts of stuff because of my strong analytical and visual-spatial skills. I've interned professionally at architecture firms off-and-on since 2005 where I've learned a lot about the business practices of architects and the construction techniques used to make buildings. Because of my graphic skills, I've been doing more schematic design work and final presentation stuff than my peers - they've gotten to spend more time than me ironing out the documents used in the construction process. To subliment I've been producing construction documents of my own while working for my uncle's custom residential contracting company, Highland Custom Homes, since college. Having worked as a framing carpenter during summer/winter breaks from school, I feel like I know my way around a job site pretty well.


After graduating from Baton Rouge Magnet High School, I took a partial scholarship and chose to go to college in state rather than taking a soccer scholarship in the north-east. In 2007 I received a Bachelor's of Architecture from Louisiana State University. Unlike some degrees, LSU's program is a five year professional degree accredited by the NCARB. With that degree and the experience I've accrued over the last five years, I'll be able to get an AIA seal to practice architecture professionally as soon as I take, and pass, the licensing exams. Without that seal I can only design houses under two-stories or single-story commercial projects, by law. I've enjoyed working with a number of clients on renovation projects and new homes in my area. Right now I live in Baton Rouge and I get to design things for a living. Currently I'm a freelance designer who predominantly designs custom houses. I've had some of my freelance work published, which is not common for someone as fresh from school as me.


While you are here you can look at my resume if you want, or check out my portfolio if you're interested. If you want me to design something for you, you're with a design firm looking to acquire my skill set, or you just want to say hello, you can get in touch with me through this email.