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The business of building and supplying swimming pools is an interesting one for a designer. Some people are happy picking out a fiberglass mold from a magazine or website and then surrounding it with landscaping to create their backyard oasis. Other people can get a custom pool built by on-site. Some of these custom pool builders provide high-design pools built specifically for that location while other builders are content to rebuild the same “better than average” pools repeatedly. Serenity Pools in Baton Rouge, falls somewhere between those two operations. On occasion they would contract me to design custom pools for their more difficult to sell clients. Swimming pools do not typically require a permit so owners will pursue all sorts of interesting designs. Couple that freedom with southern Louisiana’s climate and a growing trend of houses with outdoor kitchens and rooms and my role as a home designer moves into the backyard.


Included are some of the more interesting pools and outdoor kitchens I design for Serenity Pools of Baton Rouge. The image captions offer some explanation about each project.

 View: miscellaneous design work

This pool in the Country Club of Louisiana uses short walls and a gazebo to activate the backyard without limited the family dog’s running room.

A Days Inn in Baton Rouge wanted a design that would accommodate a variety of customers that would be easy to maintain and inexpensive to build.

The Days Inn pool accessibility issues using steps, special fencing, and a walk-in “beach” edge to divide the adult pool from the children’s.

A triangular shaped backyard presented design opportunities for pavilions and trellises that would fill in the acute angles of the lot.

A challenging problem in many respects, an edge-hugging outdoor room was proposed to make the backyard more private.

This small pool is one of my favorites. Using two half walls and some clever circulation lines, this small yard becomes much more enjoyable.

The curvy “oasis” pools were more difficult to solve. This design provides a pleasant backdrop for the owners as they lounge around the backyard.

Sometimes I would design outdoor kitchens for customers who already had swimming pools. The above design included an open air pavilion.